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Welcome to the "Ask The Marketing Professor" Marketing Blog.  Studying introductory marketing can sometimes be difficult. If you have a guestion related to the theories and concepts usually covered in a university or college level Principles of Marketing course, ask away!  We will try to provide you with an answer, or at least some direction, within 48 hours; or we may just respond with a question that you should investigate.  Other marketing bloggers can also help with the answers; this way, we can draw on the expertise of the larger community of learners.  If you have any questions about theories and concepts related to other marketing courses, we will try to provide you with some help, as well.

We assume no liability (expressed or implied) for the consequences of relying on the information provided by anyone in the "Ask The Marketing Professor" Marketing Blog.  USE THE INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Hopefully, you will find the "Ask The Marketing Professor" Marketing Blog useful.

Again, welcome to the "Ask The Marketing Professor" Marketing Blog!

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