About Marketing Case Tutor (MCT)

The cases in Marketing Case Tutor (MCT) are written to help the marketing student to apply the theories and concepts learned in marketing courses and to become better at the process of critical thinking.  Volume 1 contains 16 cases.  These cases are relative short, but they provide the opportunity for the preparation of in-depth written reports and extensive in-class discussion.  You will find that some of the cases will become very controversial during in-class discussions (e.g., N.I.M.B.Y. - Not In My Backyard and A Helping Hand!).  The key to the analysis approach to any of the cases is to fully understand the relevance of the marketing theories and concepts that apply.  Use this theoretical and conceptional foundation to support your analysis and decisions.

At the end of each of these cases are questions that can serve as the focus of discussion and for the purpose of report preparation.  Some of the cases identify the key marketing theories and concepts on which you need to focus; for the other cases, you are on your own.  Some of the cases can also be used for the preparation of case reports based on the full-case-analysis approach (e.g., The Midnight Motel and The TTC Bus Bay Situation).  Some of the cases require library research (e.g., Barney’s Goes Bermuda).

The MCT website includes one approach to the full-case-analysis approach.  This approach can be used as a general guide in your analysis of any case.  The MCT website also includes a detailed conceptual and theoretical analysis of The Midnight Motel case.  This two-page case requires consideration of almost 30 concepts.  You will also find that this case appears to be simple to solve, however, in reality, it is very difficult to solve, unless one bit of critical insight clicks in!  You can take the almost impossible and complex route in solving the case or you can follow the very simple route - you decide.  Remember, parsimony is always nicer!

The cases in Volume 1 of MCT can be used in a variety of marketing courses, depending on the course.  The cases are primarily written for use in a Principles of Marketing course, however, selected cases can be used in Retailing, Consumer Behaviour, Advertising, Product Management, and Marketing Strategy courses.  The cases can be used at the undergraduate and graduate levels and for management training.

Even though the cases are based on Canadian situations, they are just as applicable to any local market.  The cases can also be studied from an International perspective.  Marketing students from around the world can benefit by using the cases in MCT, no matter where they live.

Once you have mastered the analysis of relatively short cases, you will be ready for take on longer and more complex case analysis situations, including real-life projects.

Enjoy your pedagogical journey through the ever-changing world of marketing!

Note on Using Adobe Reader:  When using the cases, if you right click on a clear area at the top of the frame of Adobe Reader, a dialogue box opens that gives you the option to hide the tools bars.  Doing this will allow more of the case to show on screen.  Reload the case from the menu to get the tool bars to re-appear.