Marketing Case Tutor - Volume 2
Gourmet Café III Data Files

Click on the file link for the file desired.  The .txt file will open in a browser directly.  You can either save the file as a text file and open it in a text editor (e.g., Wordpad or Notepad) or copy and paste the file directly into a text editor and save it from there (don't forget to reset the font type and size and the margins).  Click on the EXCEL links and you have a choice of opening the file directly in EXCEL and saving it from there or saving it directly as a .xls file.  Once the file is saved as a .xls file, it can be imported into SPSS and saved as a SPSS .sav file.  Remember that the "full" Excel file is too large to work in the student version of SPSS.


EXCEL Files:
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