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The Case Study Approach

Political Battle of the Century

Toto® Relief!

The Cola Challenge

The Mystery Soup

Break Time! Not Checkout Time!

Bus 54  Where Are You?

The Megastore Invasion

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Airline Survival

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow

No Room at the Inn

The Evolution of Tim Hortons®

Timbits® Head North - Maybe!

He Shoots! He Scores! But Not for Long

Next in Line at Happy Drugs

The Midnight Motel 2009

The Midnght Motel 2009 - HTML Version (Printable)

Waiting-Line Priority Rule of Service

Loblaw Tries to Exercise Its Muscles

The Gourmet Café I - The Questionnaire

The Gourmet Café II - The Results

The Gourmet Café III - Coding & Advanced Analysis

Data Files for The Gourmet Café III Case

Burger Drive-Thru

The Deodorant Dilemma

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