Marketing Mentor SlideShow Handouts

The following set of handouts, based on the contents of Marketing Mentor and the accompanying set of online slides found on the Calabash Educational website (, is designed for in-class use. Each handout, contains the set of slides on which each section of the Marketing Mentor is based. By printing out the handouts prior to class, students have access to each slide (in hardcopy form) that the instructor covers. There is also space on each page of each handout for the student to take notes. Research shows that the latter activity contributes to student learning.  There is no charge to use these handouts. All files are in PDF format (download the free Adobe Reader by clicking here if you do not have a program that can read PDF files.).  If you plan to print the handouts in black and white, set the printing properties to grayscaling, so that the graphics look better on the hard copy (click on the properties link in the printing dialogue box to find the grayscaling option).

  1. The Role of Marketing in Society (including Sales Forecasting).
  2. Consumer Behaviour and Approaches to Market Segmentation.
  3. Product Management.
  4. Promotion Management.
  5. Selected Communication Concepts.
  6. Distribution Management.
  7. Pricing Management.


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